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Stylish Range Hoods Are Re-inventing the Kitchen

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Today’s style-driven kitchens are always proving that appliances and accessories are now – perhaps more than ever – smart, stylish and efficient. We can’t hear it enough: Kitchen spaces are all about the marriage of beauty and practicality. So what exactly is grabbing the attention of homeowners? Not just cabinetry that maximizes storage space and access, but also the fact that the European minimalist look is still maintaining its push. Sleek lines continue to be the order of the day. commercial kitchen hoods

Kitchens have systematically become cleaner visually, with far less clutter. The latest advancements in technology and design have brought the range hood to the forefront of kitchen decor. This integral piece of kitchen equipment has been significantly and brilliantly reinvented.

Evidence of this fact can be found in the Cavaliere (Model 218D) in two sizes, 30-inch and 36-inch. This wall mounted range hood is composed of only the highest industry quality #304 Stainless Steel 19 gauge coupled with clear tempered glass. This clever combo (glass and stainless steel) adds light and modern elegance to your kitchen decor.

Both of these range hoods are well priced at slightly less than $500. Since wall mounted (wall-chimney) range hoods are fitted where there are no cabinets, they provide a strong focal point. If you want to create a professional kitchen vibe where gourmet cuisine is the norm, these hoods are the design solution you’ve been looking for.

Vents serve a useful purpose in the kitchen as they draw stale air filled with grease, odor and moisture out of the room. Critically, the range hood’s noise level, power and efficiency are crucial to its performance. Homeowners seeking new range hoods are looking particularly for products that provide able and effective smoke removal capability under all cooking conditions. It’s been proven that proper ventilation produces great IAQ – Indoor Air Quality – to protect people from unhealthy indoor pollutants, according to the Home Ventilating Institute.

If a range hood purchase is in order, we’ve got a couple of key factoids:

The days of noisy range hood ventilation are long gone.

Significant advances have been made in manufacturing. Thankfully, range hoods today are 50 percent less noisy compared with those from just a few years ago. Experts advise that the noise level should not exceed 2.5 sones on its lowest level (this figure is in keeping with all range hoods sold on decorplanet.com). For example, the Cavaliere model’s noise level is pitch perfect at low speed: 0.4 sones. That’s quality for you. The Cavaliere offers a motor that is a dual chamber/dual centrifugal/ 218W upgraded low noise version too. FYI: a sone is the amount of noise emitted.

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