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Managing Your Time As a Web Developer and the Pomodoro Technique

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As you know, your time equals money. It’s simple, as a freelance designer, the more you can get done in a week the more money you’ll make in the end. On the other hand, if you work as a web developer for a company, you work hard in hopes of getting a raise. In today’s economy, in order to secure your job, the best possible thing to do is focus on getting the most you can with the time that you have. pomodoro technique

If you’re seeking a way to better manage your time, the Pomodoro Technique might be worth a shot. Francesco Cirillo, director of XPLabs developed this management technique.

As funny as it sounds, Cirillo named the technique “Pomodoro” after the Italian word meaning tomato. It’s said that this is because Cirillo used a tomato-shaped timer, which is the basic tool in this management system.

You simply get a timer, place it on your desk or near your computer, make a list of “to-dos” every day, and then set each task at a 25-minute interval. In this case, the intervals are referred to as “Pomodoros.” Once the timer has gone off after 25-minutes, you “X” off the task from your list. You then take a 3-5 minute break before starting the next 25-minute task.

A Wall Street Journal writer, Sue Shellenbarger reviewed several time management techniques including the Pomodoro Technique.

Shellenbarger wrote, “Working with my ticking (timer) made me aware that I constantly interrupt myself. Users are asked to put an apostrophe over the “X” on the log each time they are tempted to break a pomodoro. I had no less than eight apostrophes over one “X” – marking impulses ranging from reading email to ordering a toner cartridge to running outside to see if my car had a flat tire. (Seriously).”

Shellenberger also stated, “Although I found this method laughable at first, its simplicity is deceptive,” after revealing that she was able to cut half her time. According to Cirillo, one of the best features of his Pomodoro Technique is it’s easy to use and learn. However, to truly master the technique, it could take anywhere from seven to twenty days of consistent use.

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