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Large Dog Clothes

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After a long (but never long enough) day of snowboarding in Beaver Creek, Colorado; I hit the jacuzzi while my best friend took a nap. She is an eighty pound Boxer-mix named Nikita, a beautiful dog. I felt bad she couldn’t join me on the slope, so I hopped out of the warm water and took her for a walk through the snowy mountain trails.

We saw another dog on the trail, a giant German Shepherd, wearing large dog clothes. I’m from San Diego. I hadn’t seen a dog wearing clothes recently, but it looked comfortable, and Nikita somehow looked naked after that.

When we got back to the lodge, I bought Nikita her very own large dog clothes, and we went back to the cabin to try them on. She had a dog backpack she wore to go hiking in San Diego, but she hadn’t worn dog clothes for a long time. I thought she would be fine, but as I pulled the shirt over her head she growled at me. Cat Backpack

Turns out there was a pin in the tag. I removed it, and she was fine. I guess we’re still best friends, because she loves wearing the large dog clothes I bought her on the trip.

We’re back in San Diego now, and Nikita still wants to wear her clothes every time the temperature drops a few degrees. She sure is spoiled. Today she is wearing her favorite large dog clothes under her dog backpack. We are going to hike up a small mountain and play catch on the peak. She is carrying her own gear inside her dog backpack. She has all the important stuff with her: collapsible bowl, treats, collapsible Frisbee, tennis ball, water. When we reach the peak, we plan to howl into the cool wind; and remember that we are free.



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