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Interim Management – The Key to Reducing HR Costs in a Down Economy

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Interim management provides organisations with a wealth of benefits, including short term resolution of immediate issues, strategic direction on the long term development of a company, and recruitment practices that conform to the terms you need.

But arguably the most significant benefit of interim management recruitment for organisations is the cost-effectiveness. If your business is running up HR costs in the recent economic climate and you need low-cost, time-manageable solutions to save you money, then this type of management might just might be the way to go.

Interim management for your HR department Interim Service Manager

The first question you need to ask yourself is this: does your HR department require interim management?
The role of an interim human resources manager is to offer recruitment solutions as well as other various HR related responsibilities. These can include overviewing contracts and job descriptions, undertaking staff appraisals or grievances or training fellow HR professionals. It may also cover developing the HR department within your organisation and strategising for future plans, monitoring overall progress and initiating new or amended company schemes.

An interim HR manager can also take care of the more difficult tasks in your organisation if you’re thinking of making a number of drastic changes, particularly to the number or quality of your existing staff. The right interim manager (IM) will be able to review staff performance and recommend cuts where necessary, implementing and progressing redundancies and realigning the organisation in line with the goals you are hoping to achieve.

If it is all these responsibilities and more that your HR department needs help with, this type of management can provide the solutions you need on a fixed timeframe. You don’t have to make a long term investment in order to receive a long term return; an interim contract could ensure the smooth running and development of your HR department but not require you to pay for a permanent position.

Saving money through interim management

Interim management recruitment does not always immediately appear cost-effective. The cost of hiring an IM may seem steep and the upfront cost can put a lot of employers off. However, it is the long term return on investment that compels many organisations to use this method to reduce HR costs.

The factors worth considering are the benefits of hiring an IM that ordinary recruitment practices might not bring. For instance, hiring this type of manager can take months less time in procurement which means that you don’t spend time losing out on their contribution. IMs are also required to produce fast results, reducing the time you spend paying them for their services.

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