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Hand sanitisers are essential to staving off all

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Have you ever caught a virus that was so bad that you couldn’t even walk for a few days? Or are you scared of catching a contagious disease or flu at work or office? If you are one of these people, then you would want to avoid getting sick, especially at the workplace where viruses and diseases can be spread easily due to the many people that you meet and talk with. Here are some steps to avoid getting sick at the workplace! wholesale Hand Sanitiser

1. Buy hand sanitiser and place it on your desk

Whenever you go to work, you should always have a hand sanitiser ready. That is, an alcohol based sanitiser where you can kill germs and bacteria when you rub it in your hands. The ninety percent of diseases and viruses are spread through contact of the hands. If you sanitise your hands with a hand sanitiser, you will reduce the likely hood of being in contact of viruses and diseases by a very large amount.

2. Don’t lend equipment to your workmates

Never ever lend any equipment to your workmates, especially pens and pencils. Many people tend to chew and suck on your pens and pencils without them realising it. Also, germs and bacteria can also be transmitted onto objects like staplers and books. So avoid lending equipment to your workmates as they can transmit germs and bacteria.

3. Talk to your colleagues at least 2 feet away

A lot of viruses are airborne carriers. That is, viruses can be transmitted through the air or saliva. If you keep at least 2 feet away when talking to your colleagues, you can avoid the chances of getting an airborne virus by quite a lot.

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