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Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan Versus Adjustable HELOC: Comparing 2nd Mortgage Loans

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Have you or someone you know been turned down recently for something he or she really wanted? It is not a good feeling, for sure. Sometimes all folks really need is a chance. Recent, expanded financing programs set up through dealers who sell quality goods and services such as home improvement products, durable goods, medical and home equipment, has again made these desires a real possibility. Purchases typically range from $500 to $15000 and have various term limits. These convenient Installment programs, which are in cooperation with the merchants have come a long way, making it easier for the dealer to process and easier for the consumer to acquire merchandise. Certain finance programs allow for complete on line transactions, identity verifications, and electronic signatures. This coupled with many “Same as Cash” programs for some consumers and now the utilization of convenient, expanded installment loans programs with approvals possible for folks with FICO credit scores beginning at 600 makes it exciting times for consumers and merchants. slickcashloan

Installment loans are not new by any means but there is an increasing demand, once again, for this type of offering. Credit card debt is at an all time high. Many well meaning consumers get their monthly credit card bill or bills each month and are only paying the minimum amount, may be paying on a balance that they don’t even remember what they purchased and/ or are “maxing out” on their available credit lines. And don’t be late. Even with promotional offers many revoke that special rated if a payment is ever late. Thus consumers are becoming frustrated and looking for other options. The installment loan allows the customer to agree to a specific paymente each month for a set amount of time. They know exactly what it is they are paying for and they can see the balance going down on a consistent basis. This may give the consumer a feeling of accomplishment and peace of mind. Thus, it is an option that makes sense in today’s environment. Talk to your dealer about it and take control of your situation while securing what you want.

Dealers, these are exciting times, and with the help of creative and motivated consumer lending programs you can enjoy increased sales while gaining loyal customers simply and easily with these expanded offerings your customers and their families. This is an opportunity for everyone to get what they want. Good luck.


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