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Be Your Own Barber – Mow Your Hair and Save Money

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Be prepared to brush your Golden – often. Remember that one thing all golden retrievers do is shed. There’s absolutely no way around it.

Brushing is a way to keep some of his hair off your clothes and furniture, but more than that, this very basic activity keeps his coat clean, free of tangles and most of all, glowing. You’ll want to brush him at least once a week, and sometimes twice a week. hair care

There’s also a very important health-related benefit to brushing. It stimulates his circulation and helps to maintain healthy skin.

Even with this seemingly simple act, there’s a definite way to brush a Golden Retriever.

Before you even touch a brush to your dog’s hair, lightly spritz your dog’s coat with water. Some Golden parents prefer to spritz with a diluted conditioner. Simply mix one tablespoon of conditioner with 16 ounces of water in a spray bottle.

The conditioner helps to prevent static electricity and hair breakage. Once you’ve spritzed his coat, brush or comb his hair in the direction it naturally grows.

When you get to an area where the hair is longer than other parts of the body, like his tail, the back of his legs, rear end and behind his ears, simply divide his hair into sections. Brush or comb each of these sections separately and smooth the sections back together again.

Make sure that you’re brushing all the way down to his skin. This prevents matting. Don’t, however, use a lot of pressure on his skin. This is especially true if the brush you’re using has sharp metal tips that can scratch him.


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