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Should I Choose a Funeral Service Or a Memorial Service?

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When you are going through a loss of a loved one, you are certainly having some intense feelings of various emotions. Making decisions at this time is not recommended as it can certainly cloud your judgement. But it is unavoidable when in the funeral planning process since there are many things you will need to consider and choose. Employing a funeral service director is highly recommended since they are familiar with the process of funeral planning and do it everyday for families in a similar situation as yourself. Having a funeral director assist you is a wise choice.

Some of their many responsibilities include the handling and disposing of the body for cremation or traditional burial. They may coorindate the transportation of the body to and from the mortuary, preparing or dressing the body for viewing, and making the preparations for the funeral service for your family and friends to gather and pay the last respects. pemakaman muslim

The funeral service director may also send obituaries to the media or newspapers regarding the death. They will make the arrangements for flowers and other items included where the service will be held. Often times they will also provide you a selection of funeral programs, prayer cards, bookmarks, funeral photo board display, and memorial folders.

Lastly, it is essential for the funeral service director to be able to provide some comfort to the grieving family on a personal level to ensure you understand the process and all that you are entitled to consider in planning for a loved one’s funeral.


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