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Make Your Wardrobe Work Harder With a Classic Cotton Jumper!

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When you were a twenty or thirty something, you were probably quite at ease throwing away a shirt at the end of each season – or even after wearing it just a few times. Age brings experience, more sensible shopping habits and for most men the responsibility of supporting a family and paying a mortgage. Fashion fads are less important. With maturity, men look more towards timeless style and staple wardrobe classics that will keep on looking good for longer, but can also be mixed and matched in a number of different ways. CREW NECK JUMPERĀ 

For the summer, a lightweight quality cotton jumper is a fine choice for men. It will do a great job keeping away the chills on cooler days, and because it is a natural fibre able to breathe, a cotton jumper can also keep you cool and fresh during the rare moments of the British summer when the heat is really on. Look out for Pima cotton, which is one of the finest and softest types of cotton available with a thicker, stronger weave. It also holds colour better than other cotton types meaning that cotton jumpers and shirts will stay bright and fresh looking for much longer.

Men should also think about colour before they buy their next jumper. If a cotton jumper is chosen in a subtle, neutral colour, it will withstand the vagaries of fashion trends. Lilac might be all the rage one year, but natural tones inspired by the earth and nature will never look jaded or out of date.

A good quality mens cotton jumper is also a very versatile wardrobe staple. It can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. If a subtle colour is chosen and a classic style, a cotton jumper can be coordinated with a crisply ironed cotton shirt for a more formal look, or teamed with a casual polo shirt or even a t-shirt when relaxation is the only thing in mind. The look can also be changed completely by using the right accessories – a well-chosen scarf; for example, can create a very personal signature note.

When it comes to mens cotton shirts, the advice is similar. Men should always opt for good quality cotton if they want to avoid the damp, scratchy feeling associated with synthetic fabrics that do not allow the body to breathe naturally.

In summer, a short-sleeved cotton shirt is a ‘must have’ in every man’s wardrobe. Equally suitable for the office or for relaxing with friends and family it is another timeless classic that no man should be without. For outside wear, a short-sleeved shirt will look particularly good teamed with a cotton crew neck jumper.

A good quality mens cotton shirt or cotton jumper may be endlessly versatile, but it is important to remember that like its wearer, it needs to take a break sometimes. In particular, cotton jumpers often benefit more from a good blow in the fresh air than by being fed relentlessly through the washing machine. It is best to dry all cotton jumpers and shirts naturally and always give jumpers a break after each wearing to let the cotton fibres recover their natural bounce and elasticity.

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