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How Digital Forensic Services Help Companies

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It’s no secret that computer-facilitated crime, or “cybercrime,” is one of the major problems in today’s business world. However, many businesses are unaware of both their vulnerability to cybercrime and the steps they can take to minimize their exposure to such malicious acts by outsiders. This short article will explore some areas of concern that can be addressed by hiring a Digital Forensic Services (DFS) firm.

Having a network that is well-protected against both external and internal disruption should be a goal of every business. Hiring an experienced DFS firm, one that has seen “all the tricks” used by those that would attack a business network, is an ideal way to implement and maintain a high level of network security.

All DFS firms can conduct a wide variety of simulated computer attacks against a network to determine that network’s security level. Once an attack has occurred, a DFS company is often able to “backtrack” to the attack source by using resources such as system logs and Internet Service Provider traffic records.

A secure computer network is vital in the protection of intellectual property such as original research and prototypes of software applications. An evaluation by a DFS firm can help provide the level of security appropriate to any business operations.

It is common for an intruder to leave behind files or malicious programs that will attempt to associate a business with unsavory business practices. This is often done in order to “sabotage” a business’s reputation with its suppliers and/or clients. In such instances a DFS firm will often be able to pinpoint the date and circumstances under which such events occurred and demonstrate that an outside entity was responsible for its presence on the victim’s computer system.

One of the basic “rules” of digital forensics technology can be summarized as follows: “Given enough computers, and enough time, someone will eventually do something stupid and crash the computer that contains the data most essential to normal business operations.” A DFS company can usually recover such data within a few days and, more importantly, how to take steps to prevent similar instances in the future.

Many hackers are members of criminal elements that operate purely to profit from stolen business data. Many of these elements recognize that there is little likelihood that they will face criminal prosecution simply because evidence of their crimes that would be “left behind” would not stand up in court. Since most established DFS firms meet or exceed the most stringent federal standards recommendations, they will provide services whose techniques will satisfy all legal requirements related to the processing of evidence.


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